OKC Public Schools Superintendent Aurora Lora Resigns

Jan 31, 2018

The Oklahoma City Public School Board of Education voted to accept Superintendent Aurora Lora’s resignation Tuesday night.

Board members refused to say why Lora resigned, and Lora did not give a reason in the resignation letter she turned in Tuesday morning.

However, she did allude to changes in the district’s board of education as a factor. She said it’s time for her to step aside and allow the new board to find a leader that will be right for them.

Since Lora took over the district a year and a half ago, the board has a new chairperson, and three other new members. With the new board came more questions, longer meetings, and increased scrutiny of the district leadership’s decisions.

Just last week, Lora took frustrations about the board to Facebook.

“When you have 8 bosses, there is always at least one that wants to make you feel worthless and who wants to make sure that you bring no value to this world.”

She later deleted the post. At the time, the board chair called Lora’s words “regrettable.