A Cleveland County district judge today invalidated the Norman City Council’s decision to spend about $865,000 on financial oversight and social services instead of its police department.

The ruling is in response to a lawsuit filed by the Norman Fraternal Order of Police. One of the police union’s arguments was the city didn’t give citizens a good enough explanation about what would be decided in its June 16 meeting.

Judge Thomas Baldwin agreed with the union’s claim that the city violated the state’s Open Meetings Act.


No one knows how many cases of the coronavirus are present in Oklahoma schools. But, we do know there are hundreds of cases in every part of the state.

Hospitalizations due to the coronavirus in Oklahoma fell slightly on Wednesday, with 1,734 Oklahomans in the hospital and 474 people in intensive care. But, both are the second-highest numbers ever.

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A limited number of Mustang High School students exposed to the coronavirus will have the option to attend class with their peers who may also have the disease.

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For years, syphilis seemed to disappear from the United States and from Oklahoma. But its return and ensuing surge have created a tragic pattern: a rise in babies born with the infection.

Local headlines for Thursday, December 3, 2020:

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Advocates from northeastern Oklahoma are concerned that the large chicken farms being built in their backyards are affecting the quality of air. Now, researchers at the University of Oklahoma are studying the extent of air pollution from the poultry plants.

On Tuesday, Muscogee (Creek) Nation ordered flags to be flown at half staff at the Tribe's government complex.