Gearing Up for a Lineworkers' Rodeo

Sep 29, 2014

Who’s ready to see a rodeo, but instead of seeing animals, watch power workers compete!

KOSU’s Diana Martinez reports.

Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma Lineworkers Rodeo welcomes the public in Stillwater to watch them compete at Boomer Lake.

Kids to Get Muddy—and Exercise—in Stillwater

Sep 22, 2014

Mud University is hosting an event this weekend at Lake McMurtry in Stillwater.

This one and a half mile long obstacle course is designed specifically for kids between the ages of six and thirteen.

Stillwater Family Event Ends Friday

Sep 15, 2014

Stillwater’s newest downtown event, Fridays, Food Trucks & Tunes rolls into its final evening of the year.

KOSU’s Kate Strum reports.

Downtown Stillwater presents the final event in this family friendly summer series of Fridays, Food Trucks & Tunes.

Kate Carlton Greer / Oklahoma Tornado Project

When federal aid started pouring into the state after last years’ storms, FEMA designated 4 million dollars for hazard mitigation – a tool used to protect communities from future severe weather through things like storm shelters.

As part of our series with Oklahoma Watch tracking the disaster relief funds, Kate Carlton Greer with the Oklahoma Tornado Project reports the communities you’d think might receive this kind of money sometimes don’t.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame /

A new publication sponsored by the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater addresses an overlooked facet of the history of wrestling.

KOSU's Nikole Robinson Carroll reports.

Co-author and former Oklahoma State University sociology professor Dr. Lee Maril says the book highlights a part of wrestling history that’s often left out of other texts. 

Quinton Chandler / KOSU

Food trucks have been growing in popularity across America, and recently they’ve come to Stillwater.  But the truck owners have been forced to wait for the college town to catch up and adapt to the food truck market. KOSU’s Quinton Chandler has the story.

Sometimes local governments get to set regulations in anticipation of new businesses, but sometimes an industry pops up and gets big enough to force regulations to catch up.

Ryan LaCroix

Earlier this week, Stillwater band Colourmusic released their new album, May You Marry Rich, via British label Memphis Industries. It’s their third full-length and showcases the band’s perpetual shift in sound.

When I first met Colourmusic, they were a five piece and often dressed in matching white jumpsuits. They were a whimsical band that often used gimmicks in their live show. These gimmicks included a satire on the modern American family, where band members dressed as a father, mother, son, daughter and uncle.

While dozens of Oklahoma bands drove several hours to play SXSW, two Stillwater natives only had to drive a few miles. That’s because they’ve lived in Austin for eight years.

Singer Daniel Pruitt and guitarist Garrett Hellman grew up in Stillwater from an early age. They played in the band Shiloh Fivecoat and both went to Oklahoma State University – Daniel studied English and Garrett studied Electrical Engineering.