Two Guys Bow Ties: Reinventing the Bow Tie

Mar 11, 2014


Credit Two Guys Bow Ties

The Buffalo Lounge hosted an elevator pitch competition on Monday night, where ten Oklahoma entrepreneurs each gave a 90-second elevator pitch and competed for $10,000 in prizes.

The grand prize winner of Monday night’s Buffalo Lounge Elevator Pitch competition was the aptly-named Oklahoma City software start-up Who Is On My Wifi?. The software sends individuals and small companies e-mails or text messages when unauthorized users log onto their wireless network.

Most of the companies represented were tech start-ups. But, one company presented themselves in a much different manner. The founders of Two Guys Bow Ties wore, you guessed it, bow ties. But, here’s the thing – those bow ties are made out of wood.

The Tulsa based company pairs exotic hardwoods like African Zebrawood and Peruvian Walnut with argyle and plaid patterns.

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