Norman Police Department

Kyle Phillips / The Norman Transcript

The City of Norman is divided. The local government chose to carve money away from the police department’s budget to pay for community welfare and outreach. But, some voters saw the decision as an attack on police and are calling for a change in leadership, a police group is suing the city, and activists say they are being harassed online.

State Senate candidate and former Norman City Councilmember Alex Scott says state investigators looking into her neighbor's rape violated Scott's rights when Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents seized her phone.

Late last month, Scott’s duplex neighbor told police a strange man broke into her home and raped her.

This Week in Oklahoma Politics, KOSU's Michael Cross talks with Republican Political Consultant Neva Hill and ACLU Oklahoma Executive Director Ryan Kiesel about the rally for President Trump coming up on Saturday at the BOK Center in Tulsa and the Norman City Council votes to redistribute $865,000 from the police department to other services.

An eleven-hour meeting in Norman Tuesday night ended with the city council voting to cut $865,000 from the police department’s budget. The money will be spent on community support programs instead.

The cut comes after Norman residents called for major changes to policing as part of a nationwide wave of protests against police killings.

Officers with the Norman Police Department are set to be equipped with body cameras.

The Norman Transcript reports that beta testing of the cameras is scheduled to begin within the month. The full set of body cameras are expected in a few months.