Survey: Oklahoma Teachers Burnt Out, Discouraged By Pandemic

Dec 21, 2020

As the fall 2020 semester ends, Oklahoma teachers are burnt out and discouraged by a semester disrupted by COVID-19. That's according to results of an Oklahoma Education Association survey that measured teacher morale during the pandemic.

OEA surveyed more than 3,100 Oklahoma teachers and support staff from hundreds of schools. The results were bleak.

A vast majority of teachers have taught both online and in-person since schools shut down in March and they are greatly concerned about their students learning as a result.

They also have little trust in leadership. About three-quarters say they don’t have confidence in Governor Kevin Stitt’s COVID-response and half don’t trust their own district's boards and administrators.

Despite a vaccine coming and Stitt’s recent moves to put teachers up on its priority list, more than 60 percent of teachers believe in-person schooling during current trends is a mistake.


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