Oklahoma Whovians See "Day of the Doctor..." and Share Some Insights

Dec 3, 2013

Credit Trillium Design / Flickr

Whovians young and old came together in Oklahoma City for the "Doctor Who" feature film “Day of the Doctor.”  When asked to choose a favorite incarnation of the Doctor, their answers were as varied as their age range.   

New fans and devotees from the classic days of the series unite in their love of the Doctor, regardless of his form – but they don’t all agree on which of the Doctor’s companions they love most.  

Ask a group of Dr. Who fans which Doctor or Companion is their favorite and they will all give you a different answer.  Ask that same group of Whovians to do an impression of their favorite Doctor Who villain and the majority will give you the same response: EXTERMINATE!!!

The BBC released the film "Day of the Doctor" to commemorate "Doctor Who’s" 50th anniversary.