DPS Cuts Force Office Closures

Oct 3, 2016

Budget cuts are forcing McAlester’s Department of Public Safety Office to close two days a week.

Representative Donnie Condit says 30,000 to 40,000 of his constituents are facing hardships because of calls for smaller government.

"The cutting of the income taxes was not very wise at this time. We should have put it off, but we didn't. And then also there are a lot of tax credits and tax loopholes and things like that that companies can get such as the oil and gas industries and the banks that have hurt the states."

The McAlester Democrat says the office was already understaffed following buyouts, but now residents will have to drive more than 60 miles to the nearest open office in Muskogee.

Condit says the GOP led legislature cut DPS budget nearly 12% this year, and it will be February before officials can ask for a supplemental appropriation.

"You're looking at 5 or 6 months that we got to get through now in McAlester of having an office only open three days a week which, I must put in here, people were already complaining of having to sit in line and wait and now they will have to sit even more. 

He adds one of the nearest offices located 73-miles away in Poteau is closing its office THREE days a week.