The Austin 100: BRONCHO

Mar 1, 2018

In the middle of every March, the SXSW Music Festival fills Austin, Texas, with thousands of musicians from around the world. It's a marathon so daunting — it's a marathon and a sprint, really — that even longtime SXSW veterans need a hand winnowing the festival's countless discoveries down to digestible doses.

That's where The Austin 100 comes in. Handpicked from thousands of bands playing at this year's festival, these 100 songs highlight the best SXSW 2018 has to offer — songs from around the world, across a broad spectrum of genres, sounds and styles.


Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma


Genre: Indie rock

Why We're Excited: BRONCHO's fizzy, quirky pop sound scoots along with maximum playfulness. Set against spare, sometimes minimalist arrangements, the band's hooks nevertheless wind up magnified by its flair for loose-limbed joy. The bones of "Get In My Car" are so sturdy, the song might as well be a Cars demo — just add slick production, and it could easily be an arena-ready anthem.

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