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Ferris O'Brien and The Spy joined KOSU in a content partnership in August 2012.

O'Brien's radio career began in 1989 at KDGE in Dallas. He has since worked at KHBZ in Oklahoma City, KSPI in Stillwater and KSYY in Oklahoma City.

Forever a champion of underground, obscure and alternative music, O'Brien has turned The Spy brand into an Oklahoma institution.

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What a year for music. Don’t believe me? Then just look at the diversity of all the 2018 year-end Best Of’s. Taking a look at my list makes my heart swell & reminds me of why I still do what I do. The music, man - the music! Like Chelsey Cope at her very best or Skating Polly carving their names on my heart or Broncho when they toured with Billy Idol (I’m still jealous).

The Spy's Ferris O'Brien combs through hundreds of albums every year. Below are his 17 favorite albums of 2017:

17. Erasure - World Be Gone

Vince Clarke has always had a knack for writing catchy tunes. Andy Bell is as flamboyant as ever. Game. Set. Match.

We asked 10 KOSU and Spy hosts to share the one song they've been digging over the past month or so. Below, you'll find new music from David Bowie, Future, Suede, Quilt, and more.

Suede - "Night Thoughts"

The Spy's Ferris O'Brien combs through hundreds of albums every year. Below are his 11 favorite albums of 2015:

11. Eternal Death - Eternal Death

10. Real Lies - Life

The Spy's Ferris O'Brien combs through hundreds of albums every year. Below are his ten favorite albums of 2014.

10. Morrissey - World Peace Is None of Your Business

Full disclosure: I'm a huge fan! But I'm also extremely critical of any Moz output. World Peace is lyrically on point, laden with wit and hooks. Easily his best since 2004's You Are the Quarry, plus it contains quite possibly one of Mozzer's best songs in years: "Staircase at the University."

Courtesy of the artist.

Every month, NPR Music asks public radio personalities around this country to name a new favorite song and, this month, KOSU & The Spy featured Beach Day.

The Florida duo Beach Day evokes images of summer with doo-wop harmonies and retro-minded riffs on Native Echoes, out August 19. In the nonchalant "Don't Call Me on the Phone," singer Kimmy Drake keeps the bad vibes at bay and the phone ringer on silent, complete with pointed messages ("Lose my number! Lose my number!"). Recorded in Detroit, the song is an excellent mash-up of garage rock and '60s girl-group sounds. Beach Day is as addictive as The Shangri-Las or Best Coast, and "Don't Call Me on the Phone" ought to have you humming along or trying to mumble the chorus by the time it's over. —Ferris O'Brien, KOSU's The Spy