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Must Listen: 10 Songs We're Digging

We asked 10 KOSU and Spy hosts to share the one song they've been digging over the past month or so. Below, you'll find new music from David Bowie, Future, Suede, Quilt, and more.

Suede - "Night Thoughts"

Their new record, Night Thoughts, might just be Suede's best yet. The record, to be released Feb. 5th in the states, delves into the human mind and how it deals with those familiar Suede themes of life, death, love, anguish and despair. The record features a full orchestra and also the record is accompanied by a film that illustrates it in visual form. - Ferris O'Brien, The Spy


Quilt — “Roller”

“How can you believe that everyone you meet is just here to entertain you?” That’s a great mic-drop sort of line from the new song “Roller” by the Boston quartet Quilt, which, as you might guess, vents a little frustration. Singer Ann Rochinski keeps it cool though while she pleads her case, supported by an arrangement of laidback psych-rock straight out of a carnival fun-house. Casual guitar hooks, a wobbly organ and even a little cowbell all make an appearance. Quilt’s new album Plaza is out this month on Mexican Summer. - Matt Carney, Sample Size


Future - "Drippin (How You Luv That)"

After having one of the best years for any artist in all genres for 2015, Future wasted no time releasing new music. On “Dripping”, Future is his normal braggadocios self while appearing vulnerable to the other persons feelings towards him. It’s a mix between his mixtape series of his last year and his first mainstream album, Honest. - Baylor Thomas, Pairadime Music Radio


David Bowie - "Lazarus"

I listened to "Lazarus" on loop leading up to David Bowie's birthday release of "Blackstar". Unfortunately, the weird feeling I got listening to it wasn't simply the fact I was listening to new David Bowie in 2016; it was the sound of a legend saying goodbye. - Beau Brady, Excuse Me



Anderson Paak — "Celebrate"

Anderson Paak is one of my favorite artists to look out for in 2016 & this is off of his latest album, Malibu, which is worth checking out in entirety. This is one of the last songs on the album & carries and optimistic outro vibe to it and something I look forward to listening to in the Spring with the windows down. - Gray Thomas, Pairadime Music Radio



Benji Hughes - "Girls Love Shoes"

The addictive, sparse pop sounds of Benji Hughes' music mixed with light-hearted, eccentric, tongue-in-cheek lyrics has made his new album Songs in the Key of Animals an early contender for best of 2016. My favorite track was the early single from the album, "Girls Love Shoes," which was actually released in November 2015. - Grace Gordon, Oklahoma Rock Show


Kanye West - "Real Friends"

Kanye West is back. And not just in the sense that he has an album coming out next month, I mean Kanye is actually *back*. He cleared the taste of Yeezus out of his mouth and has (so far) re-discovered his vintage Late Registration flow on the last two tracks he has released, "Real Friends" and "No More Parties In LA." On "Real Friends," Kanye dives deep into the passion pool again and channels his emo side, which I personally think is his best side, to talk about how being a family man and the most successful person in the world has affected his relationships. A true #FirstWorldProblems track layered over an underwater "White Iverson"-style beat that was created by Boi-1da, "Real Friends" is Kanye throwing a life-preserver to his fans, letting them know that making music has been on the backburner as he tries to keep himself afloat. - Ryan Drake, State of the Art and Pairadime Music Radio

C2-R2 - "Everlasting F.U.G.I."

NOTE: contains a sample of a rather acrid expletive originally taken from the soundtrack of "Apocalypse Now," so distinctly NSFW! Post post-punk: Japanese musician Chari Chari (Kaoru Inoue) under the further pseudonym of C2-R2 reworks 23 Skidoo's "F.U.G.I." (the stripped-down "Urban Gamelan" album version of their tremendous single "Coup"). A dancefloor groover, now as then. - Jon Mooneyham, Everything All At Once Forever and Millions Now Listening Will Never Die


Future - "Al Sharpton"

Off Mike Will Made It's new tape Ransom 2, Al Sharpton is the hopeful prelude of the rumored collaborative mixtape ApeSh*t between Future & MikeWillMadeIt. Not really sure why civil rights leader Al Sharpton is the focal point of the song but Future really a hammers the point over classic MikeWill booming drums. A1 Future. - Dan Sewell, Pairadime Music Radio



Bop English - "Struck Matches"

I'm really into Bop English's song 'Struck Matches' right now. Austin based James Petralli from White Denim. This is just a side project of his that just sort of rolls out of his head. It's equal parts psych rock, blues, jazz, punk and he is definitely channeling ELO on this song. Really fun and really different and I can't turn it off. - Clayton Bahr, Tasting Notes


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