Tulsa Police Department


Tulsa police released a video on Monday of David Ware shooting two police officers during a June traffic stop.  A district court judge has previously sealed video of the shooting, but reversed that decision after Ware’s attorney contested police and prosecutors' retelling of the event.

North Tulsa Jaywalking Case That Drew Attention To Tulsa Policing Heads To Court

Aug 26, 2020

A Black teenager arrested on June 4th by white police officers in North Tulsa for allegedly jaywalking and assaulting a police officer will appear in court Thursday more than an hour from where the incident occurred.

Since part of North Tulsa lies in Osage County, the boy will go to court in Pawhuska. His mother Tawanna Adkins said it’s just one more thing that makes her son distrust the legal system.

The teen, who had just turned 14, was walking to a store with his cousin when white police officers stopped them for allegedly jaywalking.


The majority of Oklahoma’s Legislative Black Caucus convened for a press conference in Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood on Friday, following President Donald Trump’s announcement of a campaign rally in Tulsa next week on Juneteenth.

UPDATE: Late Friday night, Trump announced he was moving the rally to the following day, Saturday, June 14.