The Spy Playlist: Death Cab For Cutie, RIDE, The Hold Steady, & More

Aug 20, 2019

Every Tuesday, The Spy adds new music to its rotation. Here are the adds for the week of August 20, 2019. This week's playlist includes a cut from Death Cab For Cutie's upcoming release titled The Blue EP, a song from RIDE, the return of band, The Hold Steady, and so much more.

Give the tracks a listen below!

The Murder Capital "Don't Cling To Life"

Death Cab for Cutie "To the Ground"

De La Noche "Dreams"

The Hold Steady "Thrashing Thru The Passion"

Lunch Duchess "Cry"

Plastic Picnic "Cradles"

Redd Kross "The Party Underground"

RIDE "This Is Not A Safe Place"

Robbers "The Bigger Picture"

Shlomo Franklin "January Eyes"

Strange Ranger "Leona"

Super Doppler "I Don't Wanna Die"

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