Oklahoma Teenage Ventriloquist Returns to Reality Television Competition

Aug 15, 2017

Darci Lynne is a 13-year-old Oklahoma ventriloquist who won the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent back in May. When pressed, the Golden Buzzer advances the contestant straight to the live show.

The first live show will happen tonight, where Darci will compete against 11 other hopefuls.

Darci grew up watching America’s Got Talent, and it’s always been a dream of hers to win. She had a great time meeting the judges, and says winning the Golden Buzzer was totally unexpected.

“I was just blown to the clouds,” Darci said. “It was like I was sitting on a cloud. I did not like imagine that would ever happen to me.”

After her performance, the judges expressed disbelief and congratulated her.

"I’m gonna remember you in a week, in a month, in a year,” series judge Simon Cowell said after her performance. “You’re both brilliant and when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.”

Her friends in Oklahoma are excited for her, but she's taking things in stride.

“They’ll always call me famous or like ‘Darci you’re such a celebrity,’ and I’m like ‘no I’m not,’” she said.

Darci is entirely self-taught, and she says she practices every day in front of a mirror. She has only been doing ventriloquism for a couple of years. Before that, she had several other hobbies.

“I did little pageants,” Darci said. “It's not like the glitzy pageants. It’s more natural, and that’s what kind of got me out of my shell from being shy. I also did gymnastics for four years. I trained for 33 hours a week.”

She says she’s most shocked by how internationally-known she is, and she’s excited to inspire young ventriloquists around the world.

“I’ve seen videos of people in Japan with little stuffed animal puppets and singing songs,” she said.

Darci has some specific plans for what to do with the money if she wins.

“I really would like to give a lot into mission trips for my church, and, second, I would love to get a dishwasher for my mom, and then probably to go to Hawaii,” Darci said.

Darci will return to America’s Got Talent for the live show tonight, August 15. Contestants remain on the show based on who gets the most audience votes.

“I’m really excited but super nervous at the same time because, you know, it’s live, and if you mess up, you can’t do it again,” Darci said.

Her mom, Misty Farmer, said she’s thankful for the support from Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma has been awesome,” she said. “Oklahoma City in general has just been incredibly supportive, and that means the world to us because we love Oklahoma."