Edmond Parents Want Their Kids Back In The Classroom This Fall

Jun 15, 2020

Parents in at least one Oklahoma school district are ready to send their children back to the classroom.

The results of an Edmond Public Schools survey about sending kids back to school in the fall show that 85 percent of 9,000 Edmond parents want their children receiving face-to-face instruction next fall.

The 2020-21 planning survey by the school district was sent out last week to query parents on how they want their kids educated.

A vast majority want life to go back to normal. And, if there is a COVID-19 flare-up in Edmond, 90 percent said they would be fine with a blended learning environment that allows for some digital learning.

The results reveal parents are concerned about the coronavirus and hope the school district will take precautions. But ultimately, they want their kids back in school.