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In a major victory for what advocates call the school choice movement, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively killed state constitutional provisions in as many as 38 states that bar taxpayer aid to parochial schools. The vote was 5-4, with Chief Justice John Roberts writing the decision for the court's conservative justices.

The nation's pediatricians have come out with a strong statement in favor of bringing children back to the classroom this fall wherever and whenever they can do so safely. The American Academy of Pediatrics' guidance "strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school."

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A survey by the Oklahoma Education Association reveals educators' anxieties about coming back to school in fall 2020.

In a meeting Thursday, Oklahoma’s State Board of Education briefly discussed a need for schools to take the lead on fighting racism.

State Superintendent for Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister says she wants schools to be the first place to fight systemic racism in Oklahoma. Hofmeister addressed district leaders in a letter earlier this month, calling on schools to make sure they’re thinking of racial equality. During the meeting, she echoed the letter.

In a new rule announced Thursday, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos signaled she is standing firm on her intention to reroute millions of dollars in coronavirus aid money to K-12 private school students. The CARES Act rescue package included more than $13 billion to help public schools cover pandemic-related costs.

Oklahoma City Public Schools announced Tuesday that a coach at Douglass High School tested positive for COVID-19.

The district is advising all football coaches and players at the school to self-quarantine for two weeks after a coach tested positive for the coronavirus.

Parents in at least one Oklahoma school district are ready to send their children back to the classroom.

The results of an Edmond Public Schools survey about sending kids back to school in the fall show that 85 percent of 9,000 Edmond parents want their children receiving face-to-face instruction next fall.

The 2020-21 planning survey by the school district was sent out last week to query parents on how they want their kids educated.

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School districts struggling financially will soon get some relief via federal CARES Act grants from Governor Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education on Wednesday released a comprehensive framework for returning to school next fall.

The 74-page "Return To Learn" plan will help guide schools as they reopen in the fall. The framework includes guidance on School Operations, Academics and Growth, Whole Child and Family Supports and School Personnel.

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In a Thursday meeting, Oklahoma’s State Board of Education opened the door for school districts to have school on Saturdays in the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

The flexibility waiver to allow school on Saturdays, which was approved by a vote of five to two, isn’t designed to create six day school weeks in Oklahoma.

Rather, its proponents want school districts to have an option to get creative as they plan for contingencies around COVID-19.

The dissenting board members said they thought the motion could be abused and students’ weekends should be protected.