Tiny Desk Contest

Ash Adams/Courtesy of the artist

Quinn Christopherson, winner of this year's Tiny Desk competition hails from Anchorage, Alaska and is currently on tour with Portugal. The Man. Performing at the Criterion on Friday, July 19, Quinn spoke to Matthew Viriyapah over the phone while he arrived in Oklahoma City for the very first time alongside his musical partner, Nick Carpenter.

In this interview, Quinn Christopherson talks about being on the road and how being indigenous informs his music while Nick can be heard occasionally chiming in and laughing along.

Enter below for a chance to win tickets to see Portugal. The Man and Tiny Desk Contest Winner Quinn Christopherson in concert on Friday, July 19, 2019 at The Criterion in Oklahoma City.

Rhye has built its reputation on crooning, soft-focus love ballads. But on the band's latest release, Spirit, singer Mike Milosh offers something unexpected: a set of downcast, solo piano instrumentals. On this week's All Songs Considered we hear the stark and beautifully gloomy cut "Malibu Nights."

This year, I was blown away by the Tiny Desk Contest entries I saw. We received over 6,000 entries from all across the country. We saw tiny desks up on rooftops and down on a subway platform; tucked into treetops, pickup trucks and laundromats. We heard songs about the situations that make life difficult and the people that make life worth living.


In 2014, we started the Tiny Desk Contest with the humble goal of discovering new music. Since then, your entries have blown us away.


It's time to crank up the amps, warm up the drum machines, dust off the sax (or whatever your instrument of choice is) and enter the Tiny Desk


Sometimes small ideas can have a big impact, and our Tiny Desk Contest has had a major impact on unknown artists. The first year we ran the Contest, we thought we'd watch a few fun videos of bands playing original songs and call it a day. That small idea turned into thousands of videos from musicians in every state in the country, a national tour, two winning artists and two years of pure music-discovery joy.