Oklahoma City

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Mask mandates continue to be top of mind for Oklahoma officials. As one city council voted to extend theirs, state officials maintained that containing the spread should rest on personal responsibility.

We’ll talk to two mayors about the challenges they face in running their cities now. Amid protests for racial justice, the global pandemic, and surging unemployment rates, we’ll discuss the way forward at the local level.


Quinton Lucas, Democratic mayor of Kansas City, Missouri since 2019. (@QuintonLucasKC)


Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Abby Broyles was struck in her car during a hit-and-run accident Sunday night in Oklahoma City.

Broyles, who is challenging Sen. Jim Inhofe in November, proceeded to drive through an intersection after the light had turned green and was t-boned by a driver who fled the scene, according to the police report.


Two major marathons in Oklahoma will go virtual this fall.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and The Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa made their announcements on Wednesday.

The Oklahoma City marathon normally takes place in April, but was postponed until October due to COVID-19. But now race organizers say with rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the state, that it would impossible to bring tens of thousands of runners together.


Oklahoma City Public Schools students will be in virtual classrooms when school starts up on August 31.

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In a city that has razed many of its historic buildings in the mid 20th century in an effort to revitalize Oklahoma City's downtown, future planning is top of mind for two new amendments in the city's planning guide, planOKC.

The Oklahoma City Planning Commission adopted both preserveOKC and adaptOKC as amendments to planOKC.  AdaptOKC is the city's first sustainability plan, while preserveOKC is the first historic preservation plan.


Starting immediately, face masks must be worn in Oklahoma City.

On Friday evening, Oklahoma City Council voted 6-3 to adopt an ordinance that requires the use of face coverings in an effort to control the spread of COVID-19. 


Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt issued new restrictions ahead of the holiday weekend, in an effort to prevent another rise in cases.

In a press conference Wednesday, Holt said the restrictions are targeted based on the places the virus is spreading, according to Oklahoma County contact tracers. Specifically, they address restaurants, bars and venues with theater-style seating, such as churches.

The restrictions take effect Friday, July 3 and last for two weeks. They include the following:

Oklahoma City Fire Department officials say as of Thursday morning, 94 firefighters are being quarantined after 10 tested positive for COVID-19.

Oklahoma City Fire Department officials say so far no personnel have been hospitalized from COVID-19. By Monday, at least 46 firefighters are expected to be released from quarantine.

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In the state’s largest city, the public often doesn’t hear the details on complaints filed against police or the investigations they prompt. But, a group of Oklahoma City activists is now calling for a new system of oversight in response to police violence.