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The New York Giants have released kicker Josh Brown over his admitted abuse of his then-wife, in a case that has previously raised questions about the NFL's willingness to punish players who commit acts of domestic violence.

"We believed we did the right thing at every juncture in our relationship with Josh," team President John Mara said in a statement. "Our beliefs, our judgments and our decisions were misguided. We accept that responsibility."

The Department of Human Services is recognizing Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

Spokesperson Mark Beutler says, according to the Violence Policy Center, 97% of women killed in the Sooner State knew the attacker.

"Here in Oklahoma, we rank 4th in the nation in the number of women killed by men, so this is a very serious problem, a very serious isue, and this is just our way of recognizing that this is something that really needs to be addressed."

A few months ago, when we were in Toledo, Ohio, we spotted a small item in the Toledo City Paper about a tattoo artist named Brian Finn.

Finn has been tattooing for nearly 20 years. These days, he does it on his days off, too — but not for just anyone. On those days, he's creating tattoos for people with scars caused by trauma: domestic violence, human trafficking or self-inflicted.

This public service announcement for Super Bowl 50 comes from the anti-domestic violence group, No More.

Among the countless ads airing during Super Bowl 50,

It's been less than a year since a domestic violence scandal erupted in the National Football League. The infamous Ray Rice video from last September and the league's mishandling of the case plunged the NFL into an unprecedented crisis.

It also spurred the league into action after years of doing little or nothing about the problem of domestic violence. The problem continues, and so do the efforts to fight it.

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Oct 7, 2014

This week’s Jen-X recognizes October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

For Jennifer Lindsey McClintock, it’s an issue which is all too real.

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On Friday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell broke a week of silence following the release of a video that showed former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancee.

Goodell apologized for his role in the NFL's handling of the matter.