The 25 Best Songs Of 2019

Dec 11, 2019

This list was made by writers, editors and producers at NPR Music operating under two rules: Songs had to be released during 2019 and no lead artist was allowed to appear on both this list and our list of the 25 Best Albums of 2019. You can find the rest of our picks for the best music of 2019 here.

There is a very good reason the Latin Grammys were established 20 years ago, and as Stefanie Fernández and I looked back at this year in music, we were reminded of it: The width and breadth of expression within Latin music stretches that single designation beyond its seams.

This happens every week as we share our weekly Alt.Latino playlist with you — but when looking back at an entire year of releases, that diversity overwhelms.

So in our list of the best Latin music of 2019, we did our best to reflect a variety of genres and styles.

Every week, the Oklahoma Music Minute gives a run down of where you can see live music. There is so much great music being played in the state and we encourage you to get out and see some of these musicians live! Here are our picks for the week of July 1-5.

This week on Alt.Latino's Spotify and Apple Music playlists: Cuco announces his new album, Para Mi, with some "Feelings" and Bad Bunny sings a bolero (under his birth name) for fathers.