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At eight-years-old David Hall was taken from his mother’s house in Canadian County and placed into foster care. He had been abused most of his life and was struggling with PTSD.

Hall says he didn’t talk about being abused, he assumed it was normal.

“That’s not really something you talk about at school. When I was a kid, I talked about Scooby-Doo and things like that,” Hall said.

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Google and its YouTube subsidiary will pay $170 million to settle allegations that YouTube collected personal information from children without their parents' consent, the Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday.

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Fisher-Price has issued an immediate recall of all models of its Rock 'n Play baby sleeper, according to a news release from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fisher-Price, which has sold approximately 4.7 million of these sleepers, is advising that consumers stop using the product immediately and contact the company for a refund or voucher.

In 2013, Las Cruces High School in New Mexico created a training video to teach students how to perform a "lockdown" drill.

In the video, the teacher turns off the lights, locks the door, and places a black strip of paper over the door's window. The students close the blinds and huddle on the floor, away from the windows and the door.

Oklahoma’s Department of Public Safety is joining in the National Child Passenger Safety Week.

KOSU's Michael Cross talks with Lieutenant Joe Williams about this initiative pushed by the National Transportation Safety Administration designed to raise awareness of how to keep our kids secured in vehicles.

You can find more information on the web at

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A new state law makes changes to how child car seats are used.

Beginning on Sunday, children under the age of two must be in a rear facing car seat, the ages of 2-4 must be in a five point harness and the ages of 4-8 must be in a booster seat. Drivers in violation of the new law could be fined up to $50 for each offense.

KOSU's Michael Cross talks with Green Bambino owner Morgan Harris about the changes.

Harris says Oklahoma is one of the first states in the country to be providing these kinds of guidelines for parents.

Saturday Event Could Save a Child's Life

Oct 30, 2014

Spending 15 minutes to focus on safety could save a child's life.

KOSU's Crystal Huffman tells us how.

This Saturday the Oklahoma Department of Health is sponsoring a free car seat check.