Charley Crockett is a musician channeling an eclectic mix of blues, country, and gospel music. He will be touring through Tulsa on Saturday, June 29th at Cain's Ballroom. He released an album back in December 2018 and two songs earlier this year.

Matthew Viriyapah spoke to him over the phone while Crockett was still on the road in Tennessee. And it had been just a few days after he took the historic Grand Ole Opry stage for the first time.

Oklahoma Rock Show: Rewind is your home for the music of Oklahoma’s past.

On this episode, we look at Oklahoma blues and jazz musicians. The genres flourished in Oklahoma supper clubs and ballrooms in the early 20th century, not only in all-black towns, but also in sections of larger cities (Tulsa’s Greenwood District, Oklahoma City’s Deep Deuce District, and Muskogee’s South 2nd Street).

In the middle of the Texas Hill Country, where barbecue brisket is king, a dinner crowd is throwing back crabcakes, fried oysters, flounder and stuffed shrimp.

Onstage is the establishment's owner, a 68-year-old Greek-American bluesman who's been performing for half a century. He is Johnny Nicholas and this is his Hilltop Cafe.

"Well, I spent all my money on a real fine automobile," he croons. "It's a custom ride, got a pearl-handled steering wheel."

One sun-baked residential street in South Central Los Angeles is regularly bombarded by the chorus of jets cruising toward Los Angeles International Airport. Unless you're in Franklin Bell's garage, where the walls soak up the raw, earthy chords of L.A. blues.

Oklahoma Blues Bands Heading to Memphis

Dec 19, 2014

Musicians from Oklahoma City and Tulsa qualify to compete in a worldwide battle of the bands.

Each fall, The Oklahoma Blues Society hosts a competition selecting one band and one solo or duo act to represent our state in the The International Blues Challenge.

KOSU's Crystal Huffman takes us behind the scenes with our regional winners before they hit the road.

It's a cold Oklahoma night, but things are warming up at RK One Studio in Edmond.

Sharing pizza and plenty of laughs, the band begins to tune in and turn up for an evening of rehearsal and recording.