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StateImpact Oklahoma is a collaboration of KGOU, KOSU, KWGS and KCCU. Quinton Chandler and Robby Korth travel the state to report on education, health, and criminal justice — and the intersection of government and everyday Oklahomans.

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For years, syphilis seemed to disappear from the United States and from Oklahoma. But its return and ensuing surge have created a tragic pattern: a rise in babies born with the infection.


No one knows how many cases of the coronavirus are present in Oklahoma schools. But, we do know there are hundreds of cases in every part of the state.

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Oklahoma state schools’ superintendent Joy Hofmeister believes mandating masks in classrooms is key to slowing COVID-19’s spread.


Rules surrounding masks have become more and more common in Oklahoma schools as case numbers of the coronavirus explode statewide. But those rules for masking aren’t consistent.

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A policy that gave Oklahoma prisoners time off their sentences for good behavior and completing reentry programs has been canceled. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections fears the practice isn’t legal, but without it the agency estimates its prison population will increase by more than 3% through at least the next two years.

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Back in June, Oklahoma voted to expand Medicaid. Now voters have given the state legislature an assignment: Find another way to pay for it.


Most Oklahoma high schoolers can’t vote and that isn’t lost on them.

But, they all want to have a bigger influence on the 2020 election, which they feel will have an outsized influence on their future.

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Turmoil has swirled around Epic Virtual Charter Schools for years. But a state audit has intensified calls to take action against the school and its for-profit management company. And that’s clouded the future for the more than 60,000 students who attend Oklahoma’s largest school district.

This election cycle has been unlike any in recent memory.

StateImpact and Generation Citizen are recruiting Oklahoma high school students for a discussion about how they are consuming and using information about each candidate’s campaign and platform.

On Wednesday, October 21, we want to (virtually) get together students from different parts of Oklahoma, hear their perspective on the big issues being raised by the Presidential campaigns, and have a structured discussion about those perspectives.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Although the coronavirus is the greatest public health emergency our country and state have seen in a century, it isn’t the only one happening right now. There's also an outbreak of syphilis in south-central Oklahoma.