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On Point is broadcast for two hours daily across the country on NPR. The show’s lively conversation covers everything from breaking news to ancient poetry, and features writers, politicians, journalists, artists, scientists and ordinary citizens from around the world.

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With Meghna Chakrabarti

Electric scooters are the new biggest thing on two wheels. They’re popping up in cities across the country, but not without controversy.


Callum Borchers, reporter covering the innovation economy in Boston for member station WBUR. (@callumborchers)

With Meghna Chakrabarti

One year after Hurricane Harvey killed 68 people and caused $125 billion dollars in damage, the nightmare isn’t over in Houston. We’ll touch down.


Rev. James Caldwell, founder and director of Coalition for Community Organizations. Community activist in Houston’s Fifth Ward and Kashmere Garden neighborhoods.

The Life And Legacy Of John McCain

Aug 27, 2018

With Meghna Chakrabarti

Tributes from around the country and the world are pouring in for Sen. John McCain. We’ll look at his remarkable life, courage and message for America.


McKay Coppins, staff writer for The Atlantic. (@mckaycoppins)

With Eric Westervelt

We go to California, where the largest wildfire in the state’s history rages. As big parts of the West burn, what do the fires say about climate change?

On Point Announces Two New Hosts

Jul 26, 2018
Jesse Costa / WBUR

On Point, WBUR’s syndicated weekday talk show, will hit the reset button with two new hosts.

Meghna Chakrabarti will be the voice and face of the national two-hour morning program Monday through Thursday. David Folkenflik will host on Fridays. Both will start the week of Aug. 20.

The Hobby Lobby family’s “Museum of the Bible” opens in Washington with fanfare and controversy over stolen antiquities. We take a look at the issue of stolen antiquities and this groundbreaking new museum.

Courtesy the Studios

Oscar nominations out this week. Big numbers for "La La Land," "Moonlight," "Arrival." "Hacksaw Ridge."  "Manchester by the Sea." "Lion." But the most competitive category this year – unusually – may be documentaries. It’s a strong crop. "Fire at Sea," on the perils of migration. "13th" and "I Am Not Your Negro" on race. "OJ," on OJ – and race. "Life, Animated" on an autistic son, freed, brought to life, by Disney movies. This hour On Point, the Oscar-nominated documentaries, and a last word for Mary Tyler Moore. — Tom Ashbrook


Trump Supporters Speak Out

Jan 25, 2017
Emily Wendler / KOSU

A full house of Trump supporters join us to share in the first week of the new administration.

Hometown Pride: Financing Big League Arenas

Jan 19, 2017

Sports teams spending money on glitzy stadiums. Who really benefits and who should pay for them?

In a time when owners of professional teams are asking fans to foot the bill for glitzy stadium renovations, the residents of San Diego said no. They won’t pay for a new stadium. So the owner announced last week that he’s taking the team to Los Angeles. It’s all part of a trend of owners moving big league teams to markets that will pay billions more. Up next, On Point: Paying to play. Who benefits, and who should pay?


Emily Wendler / KOSU

Oklahoma public schools are on the ropes after years of budget cuts.  Four-day school weeks and more. We’ll take it as a big case study and and look at Donald Trump’s new education secretary.