Yukon Veteran Uses Music to Heal Wounds

May 3, 2012

The first days home from war are filled with joy, but it wears off. The lucky ones go back to work. Others find putting two feet on the floor every morning as difficult as nine hours in an office.

Brian Allen served in Mosul, Iraq for a full year, starting in January 2009. He’s in a therapy program for post traumatic stress disorder. On top of that a mic, guitar and some high powered computer programs have helped Brian empty his mind.

Now, Brian lives in Yukon and works in Oklahoma City. He’s part of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder program at the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City. While making music isn’t part of the program, his counselors have said it’s a good outlet.

If you need help, call the Veterans Center in Oklahoma City at 405-456-5186, or the VA Medical Center at 405-456-1000.

Hear more of Brian Allen’s music here and view some of his work in Iraq here.