Stillwater band Colourmusic Explores the Sound of the Color Purple

Apr 11, 2014

Ryan Hendrix and Nick Ley of Colourmusic
Credit Ryan LaCroix

Earlier this week, Stillwater band Colourmusic released their new album, May You Marry Rich, via British label Memphis Industries. It’s their third full-length and showcases the band’s perpetual shift in sound.

When I first met Colourmusic, they were a five piece and often dressed in matching white jumpsuits. They were a whimsical band that often used gimmicks in their live show. These gimmicks included a satire on the modern American family, where band members dressed as a father, mother, son, daughter and uncle.

Another show had fans painting band members clothes and skin while they played and even another recalled Yoko Ono performance art, where fans cut pieces of their clothes and hair while they performed. And their sound in those early days was upbeat, almost cheery.

Now, nine years into life as a live band, the three-piece has a much heavier, groove-oriented sound.

May You Marry Rich is out now and the band will celebrate its release on Saturday night at The Blue Note in Oklahoma City. More information at