The Spy Playlist: Trudy & The Romance, Cass McCombs, Tacocat, & More

Feb 19, 2019

Every Tuesday, The Spy adds new music to its rotation. Here are the adds for the week of February 19th, 2019. This week includes new releases with some fun and freaky music videos.

Trudy & the Romance deliveres a nostalic '50s love story with an additional space monster to lead you through the video. Tacocat's "Grains of Salt" video is filled, almost overflowing with, queens dancing around an art space to the feel-good song. Perfect Son offers a Frankenstein love story of a person creating a partner. Check out the adds below and be sure to tune into The Spy for more!

Trudy & the Romance "the Original Doo Wop Spacemen"

Tacocat "Grains of Salt"

Perfect Son "Promises"

Girlpool "Pretty"

Cass McCombs "Estrella"  

Big Data "Unglued"  

Camp Cope "The Opener"

Chain Wallet "World I Used to Call Mine"

Christine & the Queens "Comme Si"

Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians "Exaggerate"

Ladytron "Far From Home"

Lula Wiles "Nashville Man"

Wild Belle "Mockingbird" 

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