Ryan LaCroix's Top Oklahoma Albums of 2018

Jan 3, 2019

Ryan LaCroix, host of The Oklahoma Rock Show, shares his 10 favorite Oklahoma albums of 2018:

10. Gum - When the Water Hits the Moon

LISTEN: Tired Eyes, I Can Do What You Want Me To, Under Your Spell

9. Erik Oftedahl - Places

LISTEN: Prayer For the Damned, Self Medication, Places

8. John Calvin Abney - Coyote

LISTEN: Always Enough, Every Now And Then, Sundowner

7. Carter Sampson - Lucky

LISTEN: Peaches, Ten Penny Nail, Queen of the Silver Dollar

6. Levi Parham - It's All Good

LISTEN: My Finest Hour, Shade Me, Kiss Me In The Morning

5. Chelsey Cope - Where Nobody Goes

LISTEN: Longer Road, Stargaze, Black and White

4. Jason Scott - Living Rooms EP

LISTEN: She Good to Me, When I'm Good And Ready

3. No Kind of Rider - Savage Coast

LISTEN: Distinct, Savage Coast, Autumn

2. Chair Model - Chair Model

LISTEN: Do It, Barely Shook, Call Me Up

1. Broncho - Bad Behavior

LISTEN: Boys Got To Go, Keep It In Line, Big City Boys

Honorable Mentions: