Ryan LaCroix's Top Oklahoma Albums of 2017

Jan 8, 2018

Ryan LaCroix, host of KOSU's All Things Considered and co-host of The Oklahoma Rock Show, shares his 10 favorite Oklahoma albums of 2017:

10. Mothica - Heavy Heart

LISTENSelf-Destructive, Sometimes, Out Of It


9. ​Horse Thief - Trials & Truths

LISTENAnother Youth, Evil's Rising, Million Dollars


8. ​Space4Lease - Drifting EP

LISTEN: Must Be Something, Drifting, Lately


7. ​Judith - Names EP

LISTEN: Move Along, Shoulda Seen The Other Guy, 1, 2, 3


6. Jose Hernandez and the Black Magic Waters - s/t EP

LISTEN: Good Times, Hey Man, Summertime


5. Masterhand - Mind Drifter

LISTEN: Mind Drifter, Lucifer's Dream, Heavy Feels


4. The Lamps - The Lamps EP

LISTEN: Woke Up, Diluted, Saw You


3. JD McPherson - Undivided Heart & Soul

LISTEN: Style (Is A Losing Game), On The Lips, Crying's Just A Thing You Do


2. Labrys - Labrys EP

LISTEN: Bitch in a Band, Open Eyes, Cold Water


1. John Moreland - Big Bad Luv

LISTEN: Ain't We Gold, Slow Down Easy, No Glory In Regret


Honorable Mentions: