Ryan LaCroix's Favorite Oklahoma Albums of 2020

Jan 5, 2021

Ryan LaCroix, host of The Oklahoma Rock Show, shares his 10 favorite Oklahoma albums of 2020.

10. Søaker - Søaker

LISTEN: kim trail, Cleaver, Bad Attitude

9. Jabee - This World Is So Fragile and Cruel I'm Glad I Got You

LISTEN: Clic, No Allegiance, Birth Name, Recipe

8. LCG and the X - s/t

LISTEN: Lil Peaches, Shark Week, Runaway

7. The Ivy - We Move Faster At Night

LISTEN: Give Me a Try, Missing Out, It Was Always You

6. Mothica - Blue Hour

LISTEN: VICES, Blackout, everything at once

5. John Moreland - LP5

LISTEN: Harder Dreams, I'm Learning How To Tell Myself The Truth, Terrestrial

4. Bartees Strange - Live Forever

LISTEN: Mustang, Boomer, Kelly Rowland, In A Cab

3. John Calvin Abney - Familiar Ground

LISTEN: When This Blows Over, I Don't Get Excited Much Anymore, Evening Tide

2. Samantha Crain - A Small Death

LISTEN: An Echo, Pasttime, Reunion

1. Husbands - After the Gold Rush Party

LISTEN: Manhorse, Mexico, 3AM, Bikini Bottoms

Honorable Mentions:

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