Rockmentary 'The Front Man' Chronicles Rock Singer's Pursuit of Fame

Jul 10, 2014

Documentary filmmaker Paul Devlin in the KOSU studios
Credit Emily Raabe /

Documentarian and five-time Emmy winner Paul Devlin is in Oklahoma tonight to screen his new film, The Front Man.

Devlin says the film is more than a documentary - It’s also a romantic comedy, which is a departure from his usual fare.   The central characters are musician Jim Wood and his wife, Christie, who over the course of the film struggle with the choice of whether or not to start a family.  He adds the film serves as a commentary on the obsession with celebrity and the validity of art with a smaller audience.  

Devlin sat down with KOSU's Nikole Robinson Carroll to discuss the film, its characters and its themes. 

The Front Man screens at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art at 7:30 tonight.  Devlin gives a question-and-answer session afterward.