Oklahoma State University Set to Sell Beer at Baseball, Softball Games

Feb 20, 2018

UPDATE 12:40 p.m.:

Today's baseball game has been canceled due to weather. The first OSU baseball game to serve alcohol throughout the stadium is scheduled for Friday at 4 p.m.


Oklahoma State University is conducting a trial for serving alcohol at baseball and softball games this season.

Alcohol is currently allowed in suites, but beginning with Tuesday's baseball game against Oral Roberts University, alcohol sales will be permitted throughout the stadium.

OSU deputy athletic director Chad Weiberg says the school will receive half the sales revenue from the pilot program. They hope to use that revenue for infrastructure purposes to improve the fan experience.

“It’s something we’ve seen work well at major league ballparks, minor league ballparks is a lot more of these social interactive areas.”

Weiberg says OSU Athletics has until the end of the season to report back to the State Regents to determine if alcohol should be sold widely at other school sporting events.

Two Big 12 schools–West Virginia and ​Texas–already sell alcohol at sporting events. The Oklahoman reported in December that the University of Texas generated $3.1 million in revenue from alcohol sales at football games in 2016. The school took away nearly $1.3 million from those sales.