Oklahoma Schools Consider Four-Day School Weeks; Cuts to Arts, Athletics

Apr 4, 2017

Education funding is down more than $110 million from the beginning of last school year in Oklahoma. While legislators struggle to ensure things won't get worse, schools are already preparing for potential cuts.

A survey conducted by the Oklahoma State School Boards Association asked school districts across the state how more budget cuts would affect them next year.

A majority of the respondents said they’re preparing to increase class sizes, and are considering cuts to arts, athletics, advanced coursework, and field trips.

44 of the responding districts said they may go to four-day school weeks, or shorten their school calendar to save money.

Colcord Superintendent Bud Simmons, who also doubles as elementary school principal, notes his district's state funding has dropped nearly $1 million since 2009.

"We're forced to do more with less, but that isn't something to brag about. It's unacceptable, and we must invest in our students."

At least 19 districts said they might not have enough cash to pay all their bills this year.