Oklahoma Rock And Roll With Steve Ripley Returns For An Encore Presentation

Jun 28, 2019

KOSU is happy to announce that we will be airing an encore presentation of Oklahoma Rock and Roll with Steve Ripley, beginning this Sunday, June 30th at 7 p.m.

The 20-part radio series, which first aired on KOSU in 2009, explores the music of Oklahoma artists and songwriters and their influence on Rock and Roll.

Ripley, who passed away in January 2019, was a champion and historian of Oklahoma music. Here's how he described the show in 2009:

"We’re gonna take a look at not just rock and roll in Oklahoma, but the roots of rock and roll, and we’re gonna follow those roots wherever they take us and let them tell us how we got to this place today… how we got to this thing we call Oklahoma Rock and Roll. As the weeks go by, we’re gonna try to dig deep into the details of the music, and the artists and the musicians that made that music, and how it all ties together. But for the first couple of shows, what I want to do is to try to present the overall picture. I think you’ll find some surprises, and I think at times – I hope at times – you’re gonna be stunned just like we have been each time we find that extra special thing, and that direct link to Oklahoma."


  1. Home Sweet Oklahoma, pt.1
  2. Home Sweet Oklahoma, pt. 2
  3. Ida Red Likes The Boogie
  4. Oklahoma POP, pt. 1
  5. Oklahoma POP, pt. 2
  6. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles (The Blues)
  7. Ain't Nobody's Business
  8. The Okie Boogie
  9. Singers and Dancers, pt.1
  10. Singers and Dancers, pt.2
  11. Rockabilly pt.1 (Nervous Breakdown)
  12. Rockabilly pt.2 (Tongue Tied)
  13. Lucky 13
  14. Saturday Night - Sunday Morning
  15. Recording Technology 101
  16. Midnight Special
  17. Oklahoma Songwriters (A Song For You), pt.1
  18. Oklahoma Songwriters (A Song For You), pt.2
  19. OK R&R, pt.1 (History Lesson)
  20. OK R&R, pt.2 (History Lesson)

Below, find a few clips from the radio show: