Oklahoma Meat Processor Reports 151 COVID-19 Cases

May 4, 2020

Updated May 6 at 4:32 p.m.
In a Wednesday news conference, Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur said the positive COVID-19 cases at the plant have no risen from 116 on Monday to 151. That accounts for more than half of Texas County's positive cases.

151 workers at a meat processing plant in Guymon are infected with COVID-19.

Seaboard Foods says it is continuing to ensure the facility is safe, while employees sat they are working in crowded conditions amid unenforced screening and improper cleaning.

Credit facebook.com/sbfoods

Last week, President Donald Trump ordered beef, pork and poultry plants to remain open under the Defense Production Act.

Seaboard Foods makes more than four million pounds of pork products per day and employs about 2,700 workers in the panhandle community.