Oklahoma Department Of Corrections Board Approves Legislative Requests

Nov 19, 2020

The state Board of Corrections approved a list of legislative requests on Wednesday that will be introduced to lawmakers during the next legislative session.

The Department of Corrections asked its board to approve nine bills to take to the Capitol next year.

Five of the nine items didn’t advance in the Legislature last session because the COVID-19 pandemic forced lawmakers to rush their adjournment.

One of the old bills would increase the age limit for a delayed sentencing program so that people up to 25-years-old would qualify. Another adjusts rules for reimbursing health care providers that treat state prisoners held in county jails.

Included in the list of new bills is legislation that would make it easier for the corrections agency to keep money seized from prisoners during criminal investigations.

One bill calls for pay raises for the agency’s probation and parole employees and another would eliminate the agency’s role determining what rules prisoners must follow when released on probation or parole.

The state Legislature is scheduled to reconvene Feb. 1.


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