Norman Protestors Call Tuesday March Encouraging

Jun 3, 2020

Hundreds gathered for a march honoring George Floyd in Norman Tuesday afternoon.

The peaceful march started on a bridge overlooking Interstate 35 and headed east on Main Street before veering off to gather in front of the Norman Police Department.

The marchers ⁠— mostly young people ⁠— called for justice and fair practices from police.

Seventeen-year-old Norman North High School students Aiden Walker and King Eflim said it was important to make sure people in the city could see them marching with Black Lives Matter signs.

"If we’re not seen and we don’t take action nothing’s ever is gonna change so we had to be seen," Walker said.

Eflim added, "We had to be seen because we ain’t being heard right now."

There were only a handful of police officers at the march, and those there mostly protected the crowd from traffic, a move praised by the protestors.

Those that gathered called the event encouraging, but said more work needs to be done to ensure fair policing.