Norman-Based Documentary Seeks to Shatter the Stigma Around HIV/AIDS

Jun 18, 2014

Though his voice is now silent, a gay Oklahoma teen's words live on in a documentary that premiered at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History last night.  Broken Heart Land focuses on 19-year-old Zachary Harrington of Norman.  He committed suicide in 2010, after keeping his HIV-positive diagnosis a secret for over a year.   Hear about the Norman screening, then listen to a full-length interview with KOSU's Nikole Robinson Carroll, Director Jeremy Stulberg and the Harrington family below.

The television debut  of Broken Heart Land is Tuesday, June 24th on PBS World Channel - sign up for a live online simulcast and real-time chat Q&A with members of the Harrington family here.   

Read Nancy Harrington's Huffington Post editorial about Zack here.

Find the Mothers of Many (MOM) advocacy group on Facebook here.

The Broken Heart Land trailer: