No Longer On The Sidelines: LCG & the X Get What They Want

Feb 27, 2019

In early 2017, LCG & the X released several remarkably strong demos on Bandcamp. Now, the band has recorded their debut studio album.

Morgan Hartman, the singer of the Oklahoma City band, talked to KOSU's Ryan LaCroix about the formation of the band, filling out their sound, and raising funds for their debut studio album.

Hear the conversation above and read below for interview highlights.

On the band's beginnings

We were constantly hanging out at our boyfriends' shows all the time. We had all played instruments and had been in bands and Caitlin was learning drums and becoming pretty solid. So we were like, 'Why are we just sitting around watching our boyfriends play all the time when we could be up there writing music ourselves?' We wrote a few songs and it just melded together really easily and really well.

On working well together

There's always quirks and things you gotta get out when working with a group, especially your closest friends. Everyone just adds so much individually that makes up for other weaknesses. It's been a really beautiful process watching everyone come together as these strong women and fearlessly go and get what we want.