New Mix: Thom Yorke, Sylvan Esso, Buke & Gase, More

Sep 11, 2018
Originally published on September 11, 2018 11:25 am

We open this week's show with a new track from Sylvan Esso, with tentacles that reach into multiple musical universes. The song, "Funeral Singers," was originally written and recorded by the band Califone, features members of the group Collections of Colonies of Bees and was recorded at Wilco's Chicago studio, The Loft. The result is a plaintive, pulsing reflection on heartache and loss.

Also on the show: Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke offers a glimpse into his first-ever film score; the Greek electronic musician and singer known as Theodore has an epic, serpentine rock jam; the Los Angeles trio Half Alive delivers a disco-funk dance track with one of the year's best music videos; NPR Music's Marissa Lorusso shares a fuzzy garage rock cut by the Boston-based band Squirrel Flower; the inimitable art-rock duo Buke & Gase are back with sounds they could only conjure from their homemade instruments; and Dutch singer Amber Arcades reflects on the age of disillusionment.

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