New Mix: Solange, Gillian Welch, Cuddle Magic, More

Oct 5, 2016
Originally published on October 5, 2016 2:26 pm

Do you ever want to hear another rock guitar solo again? That's where the fight began. Robin played a song with a lot of guitar wankery by the band Major Stars. He loved it and I frankly couldn't wait for it to end. It got me wondering: Is this sort of music even relevant in 2016?

But there are lots of other sounds on this week's show, including a song from a favorite new album of mine by a band that certainly has the most adorable name: Cuddle Magic. It's a spare bit of electronic pop inspired by music from Ghana. It leans somewhere between Sylvan Esso and the Postal Service. Other spare sounds include music from Solange — an interlude that begins with her mom's thoughts on racism, which seems to inspire Solange to explore the notion of pride. We'll also hear Gillian Welch on this 20th anniversary of her album Revival, a record that was a pivot point in the '90s revival of American Roots music. --Bob Boilen

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