New COVID-19 Cases In Oklahoma Grow By 259, Its Largest Daily Increase

Jun 17, 2020

Oklahoma health officials report 259 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Wednesday, representing - yet again - the state's largest single-day increase in new cases.

One more Oklahoman have died due to COVID-19, increasing the state's death toll to 364. The death was a female in the 65 and older age group in Oklahoma County.


The 259 case increase since Tuesday means the total positive cases of the coronavirus in the state now stand at 8,904. That's a nearly three percent increase in total reported cases.

Oklahoma has totaled 1,424 new cases of the coronavirus in the past seven days, an average of 203 per day.

Oklahoma has seen 2,398 new coronavirus cases this month. That's 86% of the number of cases the state saw in May (2,758) and 82% of the number of cases it saw in April (2,899).

6,898 people — more than 77 percent of the total cases — have since been classified as having recovered from the virus. 181 Oklahomans are currently hospitalized as either confirmed positive COVID-19 cases or under investigation for the virus.

There are 1,642 active cases in the state. Tulsa County has the most active cases with 595, followed by Oklahoma County with 340 and Payne County with 104.