More Non-Violent Offenders Released From Oklahoma Prisons

Feb 10, 2020

Governor Kevin Stitt commuted prison sentences for 147 people Friday who were convicted of crimes that Oklahoma voters chose to make misdemeanors.

Of those 147 people, 119 had their sentences commuted to time served and will be released soon, while 28 people will have their sentences commuted to one year. Two other people initially recommended to the governor were disqualified for misbehaving in prison.

This is the second mass release of prisoners since the state passed a retroactivity bill targeting hundreds of people convicted of simple drug possession and certain property crimes which voters chose to make misdemeanors. More than 450 prisoners were released in November.

Pardon and Parole Board Director Steven Bickley has said the board could make more recommendations in March, but he isn't sure how many people the board will be considering.