Hofmeister: Federal Funds Should Be Used To Boost Internet Connectivity For Oklahoma Students

Apr 23, 2020

State Superintendent for Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister
Credit ok.gov/sde/superintendent

State Superintendent for Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister says she wants to use federal stimulus funds earmarked for education to boost internet connectivity for Oklahoma students.

"Our primary focus is on connectivity and our ability to close the digital divide," Hofmeister said Thursday.

The issue has been highlighted by the challenges districts face as they close out the school year conducting distance learning. Almost a quarter of the state’s students don’t have access to home internet.

The idea contradicts one championed by Governor Kevin Stitt to spend some of Oklahoma’s CARES Act money on equal opportunity scholarships to send children to private schools.

How and where money will be spent will vary by district. Oklahoma school districts will receive the bulk of $161 million dollars to spend where they have shortfalls, while a $40 million fund will be dispersed by the Governor via block grants at his discretion.


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