Headlines: Hospitalizations Taxing Facilities, Education Demands for Safety & Tulsa Wooing Tesla

Jul 17, 2020

Local headlines for Friday, July 17, 2020:

  • State faces record hospitalizations. (NewsOK)
  • The number of new cases of COVID-19 jumps by more than 600. (Tulsa World)
  • OKC council members vote this afternoon on a mask ordinance for the metro. (NewsOK)
  • Norman police chief reacts to officers caught not wearing masks. (NewsOK)
  • Tulsa officials stand behind their mask ordinance despite no penalty. (Tulsa World)
  • Tulsa counselors voting no on mask did so after hearing from constituents. (Tulsa World)
  • Four members of Stitt’s security team are quarantined. (NewsOK)
  • Education leaders issue demands to restart schools safely. (Tulsa World)
  • Initial unemployment claims drop for third week in a row. (Journal Record)
  • American Airlines plans to furlough 20% of employees in Tulsa. (Tulsa World)
  • Commerce Department deals out nearly $14M to 667 companies. (NewsOK)
  • OESC plans another two-day event at Expo Square. (Tulsa World)
  • State and tribes reach agreement on jurisdictional issues. (Tulsa World)
  • Bynum says search for mass graves is a long term commitment. (Tulsa World)
  • Congressional District 5 Republican spent $1M to reach runoffs. (NewsOK)
  • Refinancing consideration with lowest-ever mortgage rates. (NewsOK)
  • Tulsa works to showcase city to woo Tesla. (Tulsa World)