Headlines: Gaming Compacts, Kingfisher County Earthquakes & Marijuana’s Culinary Industry

Aug 14, 2019

Local headlines for Wednesday, August 14, 2019:

  • Governor Stitt still hopes to renegotiate gaming compacts despite tribal pushback. (Tulsa World)
  • State lawmaker works to keep permits as a standard in gun ownership. (Journal Record)
  • A new law helps patients get better information about their mammogram results. (KWGS)
  • Gov. Stitt plans to open the first Oklahoma office in Washington, DC since 1995. (NewsOK)
  • Preliminary plan reached on Tulsa levee improvements. (Tulsa World)
  • Broken Arrow Republican lawmakers charged with felony DUI. (Tulsa World)
  • Despite oil well shutdown, quakes continue in Kingfisher County. (NewsOK)
  • Wind energy investments are moving east in Oklahoma. (Journal Record)
  • OKC School Board calls for dismissal of Northeast Academy renaming lawsuit. (NewsOK)
  • Wheeler District charter school gets approval. (NewsOK)
  • State Board denies request for statewide virtual charter school. (Tulsa World)
  • OKC Council fails to move forward on demolition of old police building and city jail. (NewsOK)
  • Tulsa City Council holds third of four equality indicators meeting. (Tulsa World)
  • Tulsa police department faces diversity flak after recent academy graduation. (Tulsa World)
  • TPD unveils new $4.3M high-tech helicopter. (Tulsa World)
  • Tulsa’s teen birth rate drops 35% in five years. (Tulsa World)
  • OKC Council approves new zoning near Penn Square Mall. (Journal Record)
  • Culinary experts look to state’s budding medical marijuana industry. (NewsOK)