Get To Know Tulsa Singer-Songwriter Charlotte Bumgarner

Apr 16, 2019

Charlotte Bumgarner is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is passionate about young women being taken seriously and making the music scene a safer place for everyone. She has been writing "kinda quiet, kinda sad songs" for the better part of three years, you can check them out on her Bandcamp.

KOSU intern Kyra Bruce delivers this docu-concert to highlight this talented musician, her important criticism of the local scene, and broader points about young women being ignored or silenced. Watch the video below and be sure to check out Charlotte's music. 

Interview Highlights:

Advice to young women who want to make music:

"It just takes making one friend in the music scene to turn into this whole big thing."

On young people being taken seriously:

"I think it's so important for youth in general to be taken seriously, especially young women and people of color, and any non-male identifying people because honestly they just need their chance to speak." 

"As a young girl, you feel like you have to prove yourself and you have to try to be taken seriously. Especially in music, because people kind of take what you say as being just 'angsty' and chalk it up to that."

On the Tulsa music scene:

"I've definitely felt unsafe, definitely played shows where I'm the only girl. It's just a weird feeling."

(during her performance) "This is the first show I've ever played where I'm playing with another solo artist that's not a man, which is literally crazy because I've played many shows."