Fallin Vetoes 15 Bills, Threatens More

Apr 29, 2014

  Governor Fallin wants to see more substantive work done in by State Representatives saying too many big problems are being ignored.

Fallin vetoed 15 House bills on Tuesday just to prove her point.

Fallin wants the State House to start focusing on what she calls substantive bills like prescription drug abuse, changing the pension system and a bond for capitol repairs.

To get the attention of Representatives she vetoed 15 bills she says are not relevant to the people of Oklahoma.

“They include minor updates to statutory language with no substantial effect. Many of them are redundant and some of them are just bad policy.”

Fallin wants lawmakers to focus on things like the budget which she says have been superficial and infrequent.

She also wants to see passage of her resolution allowing schools to increase their bonding capacity to build storm shelters or increase security.

Fallin promises more vetoes if action isn’t taken on her priorities.