Employees Of Closed Cherokee Nation Businesses Offered Voluntary Furloughs

Apr 23, 2020

Cherokee Nation Businesses will begin offering a voluntary furlough program on Saturday, May 2.

Eligible employees of closed CNB casinos, museums, retail and manufacturing operations will be offered a voluntary furlough program that will allow them to receive unemployment benefits along with the additional $600 per week bump from the CARES Act. During this time, CNB will pay for their health care and allow them to remain a CNB employee. The program lasts until July 31st.

CNB announced temporary closures of their casinos and manufacturing locations on March 6, due to the coronavirus pandemic. They say they will continue to monitor the situation and determine when it’s safe to open up businesses again.

CNB employs more than 7,500 people in 26 countries, 50 states and two U.S. territories. Their revenues in 2019 exceeded $1.1 billion dollars.