DOC Moving Forward with Execution Changes

Sep 4, 2014

Changes are coming for the way Oklahoma conducts death sentences of prisoners following a report on the botched execution of Clayton Lockett in April.

KOSU’s Michael Cross reports.

Governor Fallin says the Department of Correction is already moving forward with eleven recommended changes after Lockett’s execution took nearly 45 minutes behind closed doors.

Fallin says DOC officials are planning an execution for November 13.

“If I am assured as Governor that those protocols are in place, that they are more effective, than we can look at moving forward with executions, but until all of those protocols have been put in place, we won’t be having executions until they are.”

The recommendations include more training, additional supplies of the lethal drug and more equipment on hand.

Governor Fallin’s opponent in the upcoming election, Representative Joe Dorman, calls the report biased as it was conducted by her Cabinet Secretary of Safety and Security.